Nashville’s Plumbing Pros: Service Group Excellence

Plumbing Service Group Nashville TN can be disruptive and expensive. They can also have a spillover effect, with leaks leading to structural damage and other issues throughout the home. That’s why it’s important to find a plumbing contractor that offers reliable service and quality work.

A few tips to keep in mind while searching for the right contractor: Make sure they’re licensed & insured.


A professional plumber should be able to offer a wide range of services. For example, he should be able to fix leaks and install toilets, faucets, and sinks. Leaks are a major problem that can waste water and lead to structural damage. Moreover, they can increase your water bill by a significant amount. Professional plumbers are trained to detect and repair leaks and ensure that they do not occur again in the future.

Plumbing problems can happen at any time, so you need to hire a plumber that is available around the clock. A reliable plumber should also provide emergency services. This is because you never know when a problem will strike, especially if it happens at night. You should prioritize quality of work over service cost when choosing a plumber.


Bathroom plumbing problems can cause problems throughout the home, so it is important to have them addressed promptly. For example, a leaky faucet can quickly lead to water damage and clogged toilets can result in sewage backups and structural damage. To avoid these issues, you should hire a professional plumber to fix the problem and prevent future issues.

When choosing a plumber, it is important to look at the company’s reputation and experience. You can do this by reading reviews online and asking for photos of previous work. It is also important to prioritize quality over service cost. This way, you can ensure that your plumber will provide high-quality services that meet your needs.

One of the best-reviewed companies for residential plumbing services in Nashville is Broussard Services. The company has a 4.9 overall rating on Google and more than a dozen 5-star reviews. The company provides plumbing repair, maintenance, and replacements. Its experienced technicians are also trained to handle emergency situations.

Customer Service

We know that when you call for service, you want a real person who answers the phone. That’s why we always make sure someone is available to answer your questions and dispatch a technician promptly.

Whether you have water leaks or clogged drains, our professional plumbers will diagnose and repair the problem quickly. A leaking faucet can increase your water bill dramatically and cause damage to your home. Likewise, a clogged drain can be extremely dangerous for your family and lead to health problems.

We are proud of our customer reviews and have earned an overall rating of 4.9 stars with over a dozen 5-star reviews. We look forward to serving you! Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We serve the Nashville area.

Licensed & Insured

When hiring a plumber for your home, always prioritize quality over service cost. Get price estimates from several plumbers and compare the services offered. Look for plumbers with a license and insurance policies to protect yourself from costly legal fees should something go wrong.

Plumbers should have general liability, professional liability and commercial auto insurance. These insurance policies are designed to help businesses cover expenses related to claims against them from customers, injuries to workers and damage to property. They can also provide a financial safety net when the business is unable to work due to an unforeseeable event.

The journey to a statewide Tennessee plumbing contractor license requires a combination of formal education and practical experience. However, licensing requirements vary in cities and counties throughout the state. For example, some municipalities require a state journeyman/master or contractor’s license for plumbing projects over $25,000, while others accept an LLP license (limited licensed plumber) with a CMC-A or CMC full mechanical contractor classification as long as the contract/project is less than $25,000. These local permits must be obtained and inspections paid for in each municipality.